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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up to track my mining performance:

A: We have instructions for the following pools:

Q: What Bitcoin transaction fee should I specify to send a payment or consolidate my mining?

A: For confirmation somewhere near one hour, specifiy 22 Sat/B (0.00022000 BTC/Kb - US $5.93/Kb). For confirmation in a day or so, specifiy 1 Sat/B (0.00001000 BTC/Kb - US $0.27/Kb). For a week, specifiy 1 Sat/B (0.00001000 BTC/Kb - US $0.27/Kb). You can consolidate 20 miner blocks into 3 Kb. A single input transfered to a single recipient is 192 bytes (.1875Kb).

Q: How much can I make with an S9 Miner?

A: Click here for a real-time tracker for S9 miners on the pool that we monitor.

Q: Do you have an API?

A: Yes and we are always looking to improve this capability. The most up to date documentation is here..

Q: Which are the most active virtual currency coins?

A: We have the most up to date list here.

Q: Which web sites are used for this site:

A: We are thankful for the content from the following sites:

  • Bank of Canada Currency: Currency Exchange Rates
  • BlockChain.Info: BTC Price History, BTC Price, Difficulty for BTC, Global Hash Rate for BTC, MemPool for BTC
  • Coin-Mining.Net: Coin-Mining Home Page, Coin-Mining Public Blocks Page
  • CoinFoundry: .Org pool users / hash
  • CoinMarketCap: Coin Charts, Coin List
  • CryptoDelver: Coin Algorithms
  • EstimateFee: BTC Daily TX Fee, BTC Hourly TX Fee, BTC Weekly TX Fee
  • KanoPool: Home Page, Public Blocks Page, Stats API
  • NanoPool: Ethereum Classic Price, Ethereum Price, Monero Pool Price, ETC Blocks, ETH Blocks, Ethereum Classic Hash Rate, Ethereum Classic Pool Users, Ethereum Hash Rate, Ethereum Users, Home Page, Monero Pool Hash Rate, Monero Pool Users, XMR Blocks, ZCash Pool Hash Rate, ZCash Pool Users, ZEC Blocks, ZCash Pool Price
  • OpenTextingOnline.com: Cell Phone Texting Providers
  • SlushPool: Home, Pool Blocks, Pool Statistics, ZEC Pool Blocks, ZEC Pool Statistics
  • ViaBTC: BCH Blocks, BTC Blocks, DASH Blocks, DASH Hash Rate, ETC Blocks, ETC Hash Rate, ETH Blocks, ETH Hash Rate, LTC Blocks, LTC Hash Rate, ZEC Blocks, ZEC Hash Rate

Q: How Frequently are External Sites Accessed?

A: Our system is setup to be robots.txt friendly and rotate through all of our information sources so that no site is hit more then once every 3 seconds. We actually try to keep it to less than once per minute and some sources are once per hour.

Q: What miner equipment is available?

A: There are a lot of Bitcoin mining equipment available. Here is a list of them with approximate power ratings..