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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up to track my mining performance:

A: We have instructions for the following pools:

Q: What Bitcoin transaction fee should I specify to send a payment or consolidate my mining?

A: For confirmation somewhere near one hour, specifiy 3 Sat/B (3.0E-5 BTC/Kb - US $0.34/Kb). For confirmation in a day or so, specifiy 3 Sat/B (3.0E-5 BTC/Kb - US $0.34/Kb). For a week, specifiy 1 Sat/B (1.0E-5 BTC/Kb - US $0.11/Kb). You can consolidate a 20 miner blocks into 3 Kb. A single input transfered to a single recipient is 192 bytes (.192Kb).

Q: Do you have an API?

A: Yes and we are always looking to improve this capability. The most up to date documentation is here..

Q: Which are the most active virtual currency coins?

A: We have the most up to date list here.

Q: Which web sites are used for this site:

A: We are thankful for the content from the following sites:

  • Bank of Canada Currency: Currency Exchange Rates
  • BlockChain.Info: BTC Price History, BTC Price, Difficulty for BTC, Global Hash Rate for BTC, MemPool for BTC
  • CoinMarketCap: Coin Charts, Coin List
  • CryptoDelver: Coin Algorithms
  • EstimateFee: BTC Daily TX Fee, BTC Hourly TX Fee, BTC Weekly TX Fee
  • Internal Low Priority: Fix Databases, Merge Stats for Coin Price table, Merge Stats for Miner Stats table, Merge Stats for Stats table, Purge Old Queued Emails, Reset High/Low Miner Hash, Send MemPool Alerts, Update Coin per Day for Pools

Q: How Frequently are External Sites Accessed?

A: Our system is setup to be robots.txt friendly and rotate through all of our information sources so that no site is hit more then once every 3 seconds. We actually try to keep it to less than once per minute and some sources are once per hour.