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About Us

Hi everyone and Welcome!  Mike Strand has been doing software development and web site creation for over 30 years now. He finally dove into the whole crypto currency world in August 2017.  His first investment was an S9 asic that was initially mined to SlushPool and has since migrated to Kano.is.  A few key people were early in the crypto adventure. His nephew was instrumental to getting him into mining ethereum and sia with a four card setup to NanoPool.  He initially bounced between NiceHash, MineMonero and so far has ended up at nanopool for that rig. His son also got involved in mining and investing and as a result, Mike has also invested in about a dozen coins since then too. We are thankful to have all these people volunteering on the site and offering their expertise to you for free!

The biggest thing we all discovered is that information is fragmented all over the place. Each pool does things differently which makes it complex to experiment. It also is a time consuming task to know that our miners are running - especially with the differences in pools.  So MinerGain.com was born to help!  This site will continue to evolve, but initially is a forum to share knowledge with other people interested in mining and investing with bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto currencies. We are currently working on a basic system running to email or text with performance statistics on your mining equipment.  

We also hope to have this be a place where you can set alerts for trading of all your coins.  If you are like us, you probably have dozens of crypto coins and it is hard to know how well you are doing on them all.  Having alerts texted to you when your crypto reaches a certain value will save tons of time!

So bear with us as we continue to evolve this site.  There may be bumps along the way, but it will be worth it!!  Thanks for visiting and sign up for the forum if you are interested in getting updates as the site evolves.

To contact us directly, either post a message on the forum or submit a message on the contact us page.