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Why MinerGain

Hi everyone and Welcome!  The MinerGain founder Mike Strand has been doing software development and web site creation for over 30 years. He finally dove into the whole virtual currency world in August 2017 with a mining with a couple asic miners and a few graphic card miners.  During the mining process, he has mined SlushPool, KanoPool, NiceHash, NanoPool and PoolMining.  A few volunteers have joined the fold to help expand the capabilities and knowledge sharing power of the site. All of us have not only been involved with mining but also investing in crypto coins as well.

Before you get too far into the site, we want to tell you that this site is FREE - and although we strive to have 100% accurate information, we cannot take responsibility for anything that comes up wrong. So the old saying "you get what you pay for" applies here - although the founders and 287 other people are relying on the data, so this is mostly a CYA statement - hope you understand.

The biggest thing that we all have noticed is that information is often hard to find - especially in one place. We also learned that virtually every mining pool has dramatically different reporting and monitoring capabilities which is extremely important to make sure your miners keep running well.  So in order to help get new investors started, monitor your mining equipment profitability and offer a consistent reporting platform for all your mining needs, we created minergain.com!

Initially we created the forum and background pages. Next we added the ability to grab up to the minute popular coin values for about a dozen international currencies. Then we added 5 minute background of your miners. We will soon add the ability to add hourly power costs for each miner. Next we will offer several email and texting alerts that includes profitability of the blocks that are found. We will also report your mining rewards in your currency based on when the block was found or when you were paid depending on your preference settings.

Eventually we hope to include a reporting system for your crypto currency assets with costs and total gains and annualized ROI. We also plan to give you the ability to create real time text or email alerts when coin prices reach a specific level. We spend a fair amount of time watching prices, so this should save everyone the manual research time.

So bear with us as we kick off this site.  There may be bumps along the way, but it will be worth it!!  Thanks for visiting and sign up for the forum if you are interested in getting updates as the site evolves.

The current list of pools that we are supporting are (*CDT=Coin per Day per Th/s. Divide by 1000 for Gh/s):

Bitcoin (BTC) -
USD (Volume 9,580M - Great Mempool 149.71KB - 00:00:17)

NamePayoutHash RateNetwork %UsersBlock (d:h:m)Week CDTMonth CDTQuarter CDTYear CDTWeb
KanoPoolPPLNS34.73PH/s0.08% of 44.05EH/s655567347 (2d:08h:18m)0.000030290.000069940.000045570.00004731kano.is
SlushPoolHybrid PPS3.99EH/s9.06% of 44.05EH/s12,931567707 (00h:07m)0.000048410.000040670.000041940.00004578slushpool.com
ViaBTC BTCPPLNS3.10EH/s7.03% of 44.05EH/sn/a567704 (00h:32m)0.000046150.000042590.000044700.00004834viabtc.com

Ethereum (ETH) -
USD (Volume 4,520M - 00:01:12)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersBlock (d:h:m)Week CDTMonth CDTQuarter CDTYear CDTWeb
NanoPool EthereumPPNLS18.89TH/s37,0287395476 (00h:09m)0.02313450.01310620.0516955n/ananopool.org
ViaBTC ETHPPLNS246.50GH/sn/a7394332 (04h:30m)0.000026150.000012380.000036590.00007621viabtc.com

Litecoin (LTC) -
USD (Volume 1,916M - 00:00:15)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersBlock (d:h:m)Web
CoinFoundry LiteCoinPPNLS1.94GH/s3n/acoinfoundry.org
ViaBTC LTCPPLNS31.97TH/sn/a1598631 (00h:18m)viabtc.com

USD (Volume 1,485M - 00:00:15)

USD (Volume 703.7M - 00:00:15)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) -
USD (Volume 628.7M - 00:00:15)

Ethereum Classic (ETC) -
USD (Volume 396.3M - 00:01:42)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersBlock (d:h:m)Week CDTMonth CDTQuarter CDTYear CDTWeb
NanoPool Ethereum ClassicPPNLS1.70TH/s3,9467687114 (00h:08m)0.4535120.3193581.4625n/ananopool.org
ViaBTC ETCPPLNS6.12GH/sn/a7686970 (00h:39m)0.000000000.000000000.000025250.00002021viabtc.com

USD (Volume 381.6M - 00:00:15)

Dash (DASH) -
USD (Volume 241.9M - 00:00:15)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersBlock (d:h:m)Web
CoinFoundry DashPPNLS2.65TH/s47n/acoinfoundry.org
ViaBTC DASHPPLNS180.38TH/sn/a1038938 (01h:00m)viabtc.com

USD (Volume 238.6M - 00:00:09)

Zcash (ZEC) -
USD (Volume 182.6M - 00:01:52)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersBlock (d:h:m)Week CDTMonth CDTQuarter CDTYear CDTWeb
SlushPoolHybrid PPS293.18PH/s1,532499946 (00h:08m)0.002866140.002656220.002608540.00713426slushpool.com
NanoPool ZCashPPNLS48.56GSol/s1,674499941 (00h:14m)0.001980780.002390310.00199241n/ananopool.org
CoinFoundry ZCashPPNLSn/a1n/an/an/an/an/acoinfoundry.org
ViaBTC ZECPPLNS118.00MH/sn/a499916 (01h:03m)3.833684.162854.1432211.338viabtc.com

Monero (XMR) -
USD (Volume 117.9M - 00:00:02)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersBlock (d:h:m)Week CDTMonth CDTQuarter CDTYear CDTWeb
NanoPool MoneroPPNLS58.36GH/s3,4421793660 (00h:29m)0.009518830.005175450.001725150.002552nanopool.org
CoinFoundry MoneroPPNLS25.00KH/s24n/an/an/an/an/acoinfoundry.org

Siacoin (SIA) -
USD (Volume 24.34M - 269:49:24)

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) -
USD (Volume 10.92M - 00:00:14)

CoinFoundry Bitcoin GoldPPNLS1coinfoundry.org

Vertcoin (VTC) -
USD (Volume 1.48M - 00:00:14)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersWeb
CoinFoundry VertcoinPPNLS1.06GH/s8coinfoundry.org

MonaCoin (MONA) -
USD (Volume 158,423 - 00:00:14)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersWeb
CoinFoundry MonacoinPPNLS40.13GH/s1coinfoundry.org

Pascal Coin (PASC) -
USD (Volume 89,104 - 00:00:17)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersBlock (d:h:m)Week CDTMonth CDTQuarter CDTWeb
NanoPool PascalPPNLS5.60TH/s360297710 (00h:13m)0.6566850.3392040.587831nanopool.org

CannabisCoin (CANN) -
USD (Volume 3,037 - 00:00:12)

NamePayoutHash RateUsersBlock (d:h:m)Week CDTMonth CDTQuarter CDTWeb
Coin-Mining.Net CANNPPNLS34.15GH/s43528355 (01h:59m)148.26499.09863143.9cann.coin-mining.net

To see current details for virtually every crypto currency available, check this out.

Your Pool Not Listed Here?

As we get requests from you, we will add in more pools to monitor. If you want to see your pool available sooner, drop us some comments and feedback by