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Bitcoin Hard Forks
The Bitcoin Gold Fork is coming up as is the Segwit2x.  There are a lot of concerns around both of them right now and people seem to be flipping and flopping over whether or not to hold bitcoin.  People are saying hold it for free money.  Others are saying get out into alt coins before the hard fork.  Anybody have any further perspective on this?
Especially with all the gains in bitcoin, it is likely going to reset a couple thousand dollars per coin (that is so insane talking about $5,000 dollars per coin when they started out with 10,000 coins for a pizza in 2010.  In any case, once it resets, it will likely continue to follow the pattern of bouncing up over the $6,000 mark.  Everything that I have read says that it will also have a lot of issues getting over $10,000, so look to bounce your portfolio around that mark as well.

[Image: usd.jpg]
Mike is the president of StrandVision Digital Signage.  He started BitCoin mining in 2017 and soon invested in other crypto-currencies.  Seeing the need, this site was created as a crypto knowledge repository and miner performance tracker.

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