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China Foot Massager
Product Introduction
3D Air Pressure Scraping Rolling Heating Therapy Foot Massager
The foot massager is a perfect and fast way to stimulate your body's multiple reflexology pressure points. Foot massage is an ancient technique practiced for hundreds of years. It helps relax the body, relives stress, improves blood circulation, and promotes better sleep. Restore the energy your body needs. Having a foot massager at home is a fast and convenient way to save money and get an instant massage with a push of the button.
1) Cute portable egg shape roller foot massager
2) Infrared heat
3) Airbag
4) 2modes,2intensities
5) Detachable fabric
3D infrared heated airbag roller foot massager
1. Scrapping and rolling massage
Scrapping and rolling by roller, it’s dated from Chinese medical, which will massage your sole of your foot in a deep and full arrange way, simulate the acupuncture point and activate cell organizations and reconfigure itself and keep healthy.
2. Air massage
Full arrange flexible massage, deeply massage and relax your feet.
3. Several Intensity levels and modes in optional
Equipped with many program sets, three intensity level and modes in optional, you can freely select your favorite massage intensity and mode.
4. DV24V safety electric design
Built-in DV24V safety electric design and equipped with AC110~240V adaptor for whole worldwide use.
5. Heating therapy
Far infrared heating therapy: It will be heated through carbon which is safe and widely accepted material by medical organization, heating therapy will help you body warm, speed blood circulation, renew body cells and improve the process of metabolism and immunity.
6. Removable and washable fabric cover, you can wash it and keep it clean.
7. The latest smart design.
It's easier carry, gift box design, it will be a very nice and health gift for friends and family.

Product Parameter
Model NumberJLB-FM001
Massager  Shiatsu Kneading ,scraping
Massage  AreaFOOT
Massage Modes2 kinds of patterns
Massage Intensity2 kinds of intensity
HeatHeating therapy
colorbule, red,gold
LOGO PrintingOK
China Foot Massager

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