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Foton Auman Truck Cabin Parts manufacturers
Part Number:1B24961000003XCondition:New
DescriptionBig Grinoor assemblyvehicle model:Auman
Applicable:FOTON Brand truckQuality level:GENUINE
More Wiper motor models are available
Specialized in truck parts over 10 years
Our products:Cabin&body parts, Chassis parts, Engine parts, Gearbox parts, Cooling system parts etc.
Advantages:high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and good after-sale service, professional technical advisory service.
Our service:
Reply to customers:General consultation within 1 day, Technical consultation 2days
The delivery time:7-10 working days after receiving payment, special parts exclusive
For special parts, we will inform customers in advance according to the rule of mainland, the order will be proceeded under the agreement
For parts, we offer 3 to 6 months warranty time as per different part
We are confident in our products, just as you choose us!
More models of Foton auman spare parts can be ordered, please contact us!
More Foton auman spare parts, please refer to the drawing part number below:
1102935600059Pipe connector(2)
1102935600030Pipe connector (3)
1102235600039Oil pipe protective spring
1104635600065Rear axle brake oil pipe assy (LH )
1104635600066Rear axle brake oil pipe (LH)
1102935600059Pipe connector(2)
1102935600030Pipe connector (3)
1102235600039Oil pipe protective spring
1304335600006Front brake hose assy
1304335600016Front brake hose
1102935600100Protective spring
1104635600075Brake hose connector (short)
1102235600040Brake hose connector (long)
1102935600041Interior bush
1502835600011Pipe clip
1S10433400108Steering and accessories
1104334000013Steering gear with rocker assy
1104334000014Steering oil tank bracket
1104334000015High pressure oil pipe assy
1104334000016Lower pressure oil pipe assy
1104334000017Oil pump inlet pipe
1104334000018Steering oil tank assy
1104334000019Pipe connector
1102734000018Copper washer
1102734000019Hollow bolt
1102734000009Pipe clip
1104334000006Pipe clip
1S10433550116Vaccum booster with brake master cylinder assy
1104635500020Vaccum hose
1103335500007Vaccum pipe sealing ring
1103935500002Voccum booster with brake master cylinder assy
1104335500007Vaccum assy(II)
1104335500008Vaccum hose (ii)
1304335500022Protective sleeve
1104335500051Vaccum pipe three-way connector assy
1104335500054Vaccum pipe three-way connector
1103635500005Protective sleeve
1104335500052Vaccum three-way connector pipe
1104335500053Vaccum hose
1104635500002Vaccum hose(1)
1104935500006Vaccum booster tank assy
1104935500007Welded vacuum reservoir cover assy(I)
1104935500008Vacuum reservoir cover(I)
1104935500009Reinforcement plate
1104935500010Vacuum reservoir cover(II)
1104935500011Vacuum reservoir rear bracket assy
1104935500012Vacuum reservoir rear bracket
1104935500013Vacuum reservoir rear bracket bolt
1102235500032Vacuum-alarm switch baseboard
1104935500015Vaccum warning switch
1102235500031Pipe connector
1104935500014Vacuum reservoir front bracket
1304335500004Vaccum hose(1)
1304335500009Clamp for three-way connector
1S10433420103Steering transmission device
1104334200002Steering transmission shaft assy
1104334200005Universal joint i (locking)
1102934200009Welded spline sleeve--universal joint
1102934200011Oil sealing sleeve
1102934200012Oil sealing
1102934200013Welded spline shaft--universal joint
1102934200014Φ16 cross shaft
1102934200015Welded steering pillar assy
1104334200018hex head bolt
1104334200011Steering column bracket assy
1104934200003Welded steering column upper bracket
1104934200004Steering column upper bracket
1102934200036Lock interior board
1102934200037Reinforcement plate
1104934200005Lower bracket
1104934200009Main bracket
1102234200014Steering wheel with horn button assy
1102234200001Upper bracket
1102934200006Rubber sleeve 
1104934200008Steering column with adjusting bracket assy
1102934200020Steering column assy
1102934200025Wire harness clip
1102934200021Oil seal assy
NZ6RNA4922Needle bearing
1104934200010Welded steering adjusting bracket
1104934200011Steering adjusting bracket
1102934200039Reinforcement plate
1102934200029Locking bolt (I)
1102934200028Boosting spring
1102934200026Locking outer board
1102934200027Locating board
1102934200032Locking nut
1102934200034Handle assy
1102934200049Handle body assy
1102934200052Handle body
1102934200050Handle framework
1102934200051Handle cover
1102934200033Locking bolt (II)
1104934200006Sliding blockFoton Auman Truck Cabin Parts manufacturers

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