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Tattoo Needles factory
Textured taper of the needle is not polished that means the needles grouped will be able to hold more ink as a result. 
We usually marked “TT” by short for Textured needles, if without “TT” marked then it means polished. If not specially point out by tapers “Textured treatment”, then we do the taper by polished treatment as a default treatment.
We usually marked T (Textured Taper) for short. You'll almost always see them written with their number in front, exp. 1207TTRL. The first 2 digits “12” tells you the diameter of the needles for grouping with 0.35mm needles,  the end 2 digits tells have many needles are used in the configuration, so a 1207TTRL has 7pcs 0.35mm needles grouped in Straight, a 1205TTRL has 5 pcs 0.35mm needles and so on.
Item No.   N011
Weight   0.0051
N011 Material:   Made by 304L Medical Grade Stainless steel 
N011 Pack:   Packed by EO (Ethylene oxide gas) Sterilized and individually blister 
N011 Compatible:   Compatible with most tattoo machines (rotary and coil)
N011 Size available:   From 3-15 needles
N011 Price for 1 box:   1 box contains 50pcs needles
N011 Belong:   Tattoo KitsTattoo Needles factory

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