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Tea Rolling Machine price
automatically  rolling, kneading, grinding tea leaves.
    Product Informations
Air pressure- type tea roller , automatic force pressure of tea, highly reduce the wearing and tearing of tea leaf.
 Realize tea leaf more solid and strong,  automatic control rolling time. adopt stainless steel material of tea leaf contacting parts.  40~200kg withered leaf /time. one hour could process 180~200kg leaf.
     Product Parameters 
Modeloutside    dimensions
 (L X W x h)Inner diameter of
 the kneading drumMotorProductivity 
 (kg/ cycle)Pressuring device
YX-6CRT-45PT1280 x 1220 x 1350mm450mm1.1kw/380v15-25kgFloating pressuring by 
 single column screw
YX-6CRT-55QT1560 x 1430 x    1660mm550mm2.2kw/380v40-50kgIntelligent gas
YX-6CRT-65QT1740 x 1610 x    1580 mm650mm3kw/380v90-100kgIntelligent gas 
YX-6CRT-75QT2050 x 1900 x    2400mm750mm5kw/380v100-200kgIntelligent gas
Big tea factory process tea leaves, automatically  rolling tea leaves, process tea leaves better.
    About Packing and Delivery 
We will pack the goods as the exported  requirement and make the fast delivery. To confirm that you will get the good  goods. We usually suggest our customers do the shipment by sea because It is economical,  the air transport is short time but expensive. The forwarder can be provided  from you then we will help to contact them, and you also can use our  cooperation forwarder.  
     Transport, installation and commissioning 
1.When transporting, it is  required to place a smooth, fixed and no relative sliding to prevent the impact from damaging the machine. 
2. Installation  & commissioning 
Tea rolling machine installation is simple, in the selected position, will  be installed in the tea rolling machine bracket suspended (pre-dug The pouring  hole), three feet to the positive three pouring holes, put on the screw ,then correct  rubbing plate level, and then poured cement mortar, when the cement mortar is strong,  remove the support, and then gradually tighten the foot nut, can also be  used M12 expansion bolts fixed, and at any time on the edge of the  rubbing plate with a horizontal meter to measure the positive level, until the  nut tightening, the installation is complete.
     Preparation before use: 
a) Remove the debris and tools left over  from the rubbing plate, rolling bucket and machine;
b) Be sure to check that the supply voltage  used is the same as the motor voltage of this product, and connect the ground  line and electric shock protector to ensure the safety of the person and machine;
c) Carefully check whether the fastener is  reliable, especially if the fastening screws on the curvature arm are loose and  shedding.
d) Check the amount of mechanical oil in  the gearbox, if not enough, please add a number of mechanical oil to the box.
e) Outside the warning area, the empty car  commissioning for 10 minutes, to observe whether the direction of operation is  correct, gear rotation is normal, if there is blocking, collision phenomenon  should be immediately shut down to check.

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