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Special Structure Heat Exchanger manufacturers
Square / Rectangular Tube
The double segmental baffle heat exchanger is applicable for fluid heat exchange without phase changes in oil and chemical industrial production, especially applicable for circumstances with large flow and high viscosity of the fluid on the shell side. The double segmental baffle heat exchanger is formed by changing the baffle of the single segmental baffle heat exchanger into double-cut type and increasing the cut-off area, so that the fluid resistance in the shell side tube bundle part can be reduced to 1/6 of the single segmental baffle heat exchanger at the same flow speed, and the flow speed can be increased by twice at the same pressure drop, thus improving the heat transfer efficiency. The double segmental baffle is usually used in the floating head heat exchanger, U-tube heat exchanger and fixed tube-sheet heat exchanger.
The double segmental baffle heat exchanger has advantages of low pressure drop and large processing capacity. Compared to the single segmental baffle heat exchanger, the heat exchanging area can be reduced by about 20% in the condition of exchanging the same heat, and the total heat transfer efficiency can be increased by about 40% at the same pressure drop. Therefore, it is a highly efficient new heat exchanging device.
Types of heat exchanging tube: smooth tube, corrugated tube, threaded tube, spiral corrugated tube and internal-ripple external-thread tube
Materials of heat exchanging tube: 10#, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, aluminized carbon steel and 08Cr2AlMoSpecial Structure Heat Exchanger manufacturers

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