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Are there any benefits to Alt-Coins
I have seen comments from die-hard BitCoin people - especially those who started before the first alt-coin was created. These people generally have the opinion that alt-coins are nothing but scams and looking to "pump and dump" leaving the suckers who stay around with the worthless results of the coin.  I agree that most alt-coins are primarily designed to benefit the creator financially in one way or another.  As of today, minergain is showing 2818 alt coins that have been
created over the past couple years.  And yes, every one of these is looking to profit from the public in one way or another.  That said, I would be willing to bet that most of us have invested in alt-coins one way or another, so alt-coin comments may be better received if shared in an educational tone instead of judgemental.

Although every coin is looking to profit from the public, I do believe that there are a couple that are truly trying to benefit the world as was the intent of BTC.

I am always amazed at the foresight that Satoshi had to create a system that self adjusts so well.  He obviously was an amazing visionary to build such a solid platform.  That said, there is always room for improvement to any and all systems.  I believe that two concepts that have been implemented in some alt-coins could truly are an attempt at improving the world.  I have my own feelings on which coins are out to serve the future but I am not naming them.  Instead I am sharing the concepts that I feel improve upon the BitCoin concept for the long term future of crypto.

One is the concept of storing additional data in the blockchain which can be used for many things including smart contracts.  There have been many areas where these are used, but I feel the future of this capability is largely untapped for the creative people of the future.

The other concept is having a significantly smaller mining pool that uses normal servers to process the blockchain since the difficulty is so much lower.  The investors get a percentage of the proceeds based on who they vote for.  As we all are aware, the amount of electricity used to power the world-wide BitCoin miners is huge.  Granted it may not be more than the power used by the banking industry, but I feel that offering this power friendly solution is a huge benefit for us and our children's futures.

Anyway, I felt inclined to share some of my views on crypto in general and I hope it helps someone.
Mike is the president of StrandVision Digital Signage.  He started BitCoin mining in 2017 and soon invested in other crypto-currencies.  Seeing the need, this site was created as a crypto knowledge repository and miner performance tracker.

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