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United States IRS Tax notice dealing with Crypto Currency
If you are curious how to deal with reporting your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto currency transactions, the following is a helpful document from the IRS:

Also we are about 2/3 complete with the ability to import from coinbase, several exchanges and importing from various blockchains to capture your mining revenue as well as payments for equipment and received from others.  Sign up for your free account, click on Monitor then Activity to get started.  This will continue to evolve as we get more completed.

Please let us know your thoughts and recommendations.  Thanks and hope your 2019 is starting out well!
Mike is the president of StrandVision Digital Signage.  He started BitCoin mining in 2017 and soon invested in other crypto-currencies.  Seeing the need, this site was created as a crypto knowledge repository and miner performance tracker.

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