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what are you guys using to mine?
when I started out, I originally was using nicehash, and nanopool.  with nicehash hacked, I've been looking for a new way to mine and get paid in BTC.

I'm giving awesome miner a try currently, but wanted to throw the question out there.


** Edit**

Awesome miner is fantastic as a management tool for your miners. The quick switching algorithm is worse than Nicehash, however you can set up your machines to just be static, and managed through awesome miner. This gives you a TON of control over them, including overclocking remotely, restarts, and temperature monitoring. I'm going to give it a try for a few days and see if payment is as smooth as I'm hoping it's going to be.
I thought that awesome miner was just a controller system for all your miners, not actually a pool or anything to mine to.  It would be great to switch between algorithms / pools based on prices if it has that capability.  Let me know if I have that wrong.

Personally, I have been mining ETC dual mining SIA for about 2 months now through Nanopool.  I bought ethOS based on your recommendation and got it setup.  It took a little bit to get setup on that and I am happy to help you through it if you want to try that distro.

Sorry for your loss in nicehash.  It appears that it is a big problem for everyone involved.
Mike is the president of StrandVision Digital Signage.  He started BitCoin mining in 2017 and soon invested in other crypto-currencies.  Seeing the need, this site was created as a crypto knowledge repository and miner performance tracker.
No Worries!

It's not a pool, but it does point to pools for you, and autoswitch based on profitiblity. I was directing my Miners to Zpool, which is giving me about 1/10th what it says it is.

I'm going to be keeping AwesomeMiner as a management tool, however i'm ditching zpool. Dual mining pascalcoin and eth on my systems that can seems to be the best bet.

Nicehash comes back up in the very near future here, so I'll be Managing my miners through Awesome Miner but still using Nicehash, as it yielded the best profitability to me for my builds.

we all win some and loose some. All is well in the world!
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