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Getting Closer to Miner Monitoring
This is probably not the place to put this, but the MinerGain site is getting closer to actually monitoring your miners.  I already have up to the minute tracking happening on all the pools that we will support except nicehash.  I also have things setup so you can enter your API info for Kano and SlushPool bitcoin mining.  I will hook nicehash and nanopool in tomorrow.  Anyway, things are getting closer, so please enter your api information when you get a chance so that we can get the server a little more loaded down and track more details.  Thanks for your patience and sorry I am slow on this....
Mike is the president of StrandVision Digital Signage.  He started BitCoin mining in 2017 and soon invested in other crypto-currencies.  Seeing the need, this site was created as a crypto knowledge repository and miner performance tracker.

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