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Meet Mike the Developer - mjstrand - 10-09-2017

Hi everyone and Welcome! I have been doing software development and web site creation for most of 40 years now. I finally dove into the whole crypto currency world in August 2017. I went crazy and bought an S9 asic. I initially mined to SlushPool and have since migrated to kano.is. Then my nephew helped me get into mining ethereum and sia with a four card setup. I bounced around between nicehash, minemonero and so far have ended up at nanopool for that rig. I have also invested in about a dozen coins since then too.

The biggest thing that I noticed where I spent my time is that knowing that my miner was running - and that every pool does things differently. So that is why I created minergain.com! This site will continue to evolve, but right now I am going to get a basic system running to email or text you with performance on your mining equipment. Eventually I will create a login area so that all of your previously setup miner information can be managed.

I also hope to have this be a place where you can set alerts for trading of all your coins. If you are like me, you probably have dozens of crypto coins and it is hard to know how well you are doing on them all. Having alerts texted to you when your crypto reaches a certain value will save tons of time!

So bear with us as we kick off this site. There may be bumps along the way, but it will be worth it!! Thanks for visiting and sign up for the forum if you are interested in getting updates as the site evolves.